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here are some past digouts of my secondary school days retrived from facebook.

courtesy from Ainul HikFunk aka Paru Mate, Hudaaaaa and Fion! (did i missed anyone out? pls acknowledge this entry alright!)  🙂


4206_1151145895364_1129119905_30430520_7765278_n 4206_1151151695509_1129119905_30430570_4688333_n4206_1151151175496_1129119905_30430557_658562_n 4206_1151151495504_1129119905_30430565_4996380_n 4206_1151152255523_1129119905_30430583_971957_n4206_1151152295524_1129119905_30430584_5836846_n4206_1151153535555_1129119905_30430588_5770832_n4206_1151154655583_1129119905_30430593_2191118_n6453_1107326119202_1108268336_30270108_3426925_n

schooling days are missed…


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the blog is back!

hey dudes and babes. what’s going on yall’?

well i know that the blog here was a little stagnant for a month ever since i returned home from orlando. but well, was ‘busy’ with internship, portfolio and personal things so you gott’a understand okay!. hell i’m a busy boy alright. 🙂

this was so me back in my schooling days!

anyway, this time round, chewyyyyyyyy.wordpress brings you greater and NEWER things and insights now. no longer American Culture>> it’s back to the local fusion! bang bang mamarossssssssssssss

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long await

it’s been long since i last update my blog after the day that i returned home.


o well. so many things have happened over the couple of weeks. Work has been totally awesome so far. and of course hanging and meeting up with friends for which i had not done so for the last 4 months. but still, all has been really good. i’m so contented in life now. very!. i feel that i cannot be more than happy with myself. woohooo. 🙂

life is so fabulous. dont you think?

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i’m back in singapore!!!!




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Flight Details:


Singapore Changi Airport T3, July 10, 2335hrs, UA895

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going home

Orlando has been my America’s playground and i enjoyed my past 4 months here of internship with awesome Universal Orlando Resort.

it’s a really great experience here and i appreciate every day, moments and time spent here. it’s  simply fantastic.

i’m gonna miss this place and working with my wonderful team members and serving guests from all over the world. Thank you TP for giving me this great opportunity to be exposed to the working world outside my comfort zone. Thank you to Mr Ben and Ms Seow from organizing our paperwork to caring for us here in Orlando. Thank you Mum and Dad for sponsoring all monetary issues for me. Thank you Universal Orlando Resort for working with awesome team members and allowing me to serve guests from all over the world. Thank you TP Orlando Mates for being there for me, making my days filled with every bit of happiness and joy. Thank you to my team members for guiding  me throughout my internship period here.

I Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you! 🙂

 now, it’s time to head back home…

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swine flu

happen to look at bff teo’s blog and came across this video.  so i decided to share this piece to’s very comical and funny please!

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